Making small spaces appear bigger

Making small spaces appear bigger

by Crystal Stone

Homes aren’t all created equally, but part of the fun of having your own home is that it is as unique as you are. So what if your living space isn’t as big as you’d like it to be? Don’t worry, we can help. Here are a few easy solutions and design tips that will help make your small home feel more spacious.


  • The right use of colour can help expand the visual appeal in a room, as it “blurs” the edges, giving the illusion of more space.
  • Use the same or a very similar colour on furniture and walls to give your room a smooth, unified feel.
  • Opt for lighter, cooler colours to help open up your rooms.


An appropriate balance of furniture will make your space feel comfortable and add a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Choose furniture pieces that are the proper scale for the room. This doesn’t necessarily mean small, but instead proportional with the space.
  • Don’t overcrowd the room. Allow for open spaces and room to move.
  • Use pieces that have a see-through feel, such as glass-topped end tables or a coffee table and open shelving units.

Storage space

In a smaller space it’s important to do away with clutter and keep all your things organized, as this will make your living area appear roomier.

  • Use furniture that has built-in storage options, such as a coffee table with a shelf or a TV console with a cabinet.
  • Incorporate built-in cabinets into your space, as they tend to blend into the room better than stand-alone pieces do.


A dimly lit space will appear small and cramped, so lighten up!

  • Add mirrors. Not only will a reflective surface such as a mirror add the illusion of space, it will also bounce light around the room.
  • Get rid of heavy window treatments such as drapes or large valances to help maximize the natural light coming in.
  • Make use of the ceiling with an interesting chandelier or pendant lamp. These will light up the room without cluttering the space.

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