Our Process

We know the pride that goes into a new home. We also know that in the excitement of building a new home, there are things that can commonly be forgotten. This is why we have developed a 4 step process that we implement in all of our building project. This ensures that the right amount of time is spent with our clients before the ground is even broken. You with with our design team, engineers and contractors to cover ever element of your new home so that you are able to move in to what we like to call “the dream home you’ve always wanted”.


When people think about building a new home, there are features they dream about. Often they don’t know how to marry their dreams with their day to day needs and a floor plan that incorporates structural requirements.


We don’t just build and renovate. If you don’t have a house plan, or have one that you’re not completely satisfied with, we’re here to help. We can design a new plan for your  home or redesign an existing house plan to suit your needs.


We use well qualified and skilled tradespeople during all phases of the construction process. A finished product must be more than just visually appealing. It must be structurally sound with operating systems to stand the test of time.


Constructing or renovating a house or any other building is a process which requires a great deal of coordination. The more detailed the discussion and planning process, the easier and more efficient the construction phase will be.