Seven Things That… You should consider when choosing a builder

  1. Services provided.
    Does the builder provide plan design or work from your plan? Do they use their own standard specifications or are the specifications customized together with you? Do they have personnel dedicated to job coordination? Do they discuss and provide product information, particularly where there are options?
  2. View projects and check references.
    Ask for the addresses of a number of homes the builder has built, and do a drive-by to check out the exterior quality, attention to detail and how it has stood up. Ask for a list of past clients and contact them with questions about the quality of the home and their experience with the builder.
  3. Check out the subtrades.
    Talk with one or more subtrades used by the builder. While they may be positive about the builder because he pays them, you may also get good insight into the other side of the builder’s reputation, how they deal with the trades, and maybe even the stability of their business.
  4. Visit a job site and a finished home.
    A visit to a job site can give you a lot of information about a builder … how the materials are stored and the general workmanship. Ask the builder to take you to a finished home. There you can view a finished project and ask questions that may help with your decisions.
  5. Processes in place.
    How are changes dealt with? How are delays handled? What is the communication process throughout the project? How are viewings during construction handled? These are some of the discussions you should have with a prospective builder.
  6. How do you discover the options?
    There are a multitude of options for how your home is built and finished and many products have two or three grades of quality. Does the builder provide that detailed information and discussion so that you can make an informed decision?
  7. There are various business models.
    Not every builder has the same business model. And not every client has the same needs. Choose a builder who is knowledgeable, builds a quality product and one who you feel you’ll be comfortable working with. Remember, the lowest price does not equal the best product.

Morse Construction is a design-build and renovation company with a proven track record and has been designing custom homes and building dreams in the Annapolis Valley since 1996. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about these or any other construction related items.