The quality of the workmanship is superior and makes us proud to entertain and show off our home with our family and friends. Visitors are always quick to compliment us on the the style and workmanship – excellence shows!
Rendell and Jane Hefler
Your development and presentation of a complete and comprehensive contract served as our terms of reference throughout the project and kept us on track.
Ron & Charlotte Roach
Your input into the design choices was invaluable. The suggestions you made played a large part in the overall feel of our home. It is obvious your experience here serves you well.
Craig Dunham & Melanie Lunn
You took the time to get to know us and educate us about the home building process – allowing us the chance to collaborate on a design that is both functional, beautiful and ideally suited to our family. We particularly appreciate your frankness and honesty during the process. You were never afraid to make suggestions or offer advice and took pains to ensure that we understood the pros and cons of any given situation.
Scott and Stephanie Hale
The whole package that you offer your clients (not just building them a house) certainly exceeded our expectations of what a contractor’s role can be. This kind of service is invaluable and worth much in time and money to your clients…The whole process was fun. We could do it again.
Blaine & Karen North
We were very impressed, not only initially but also consistently as the project evolved, by the gratifying high level of integrity and professionalism. This was exhibited by yourself and all the members of your obviously capable crew under the direction of Jeff Milne (your foreman/supervisor). We could not have hand-picked a better group with which to interact on a day-to-day basis. You are to be commended for the make-up of the staff you have assembled. The efforts consistently displayed and the workmanship which emerged therefrom were always of first-rate quality.
LeRoy and Mary Heffernan
This has been a great experience for us and we enjoyed the whole process of building…If we ever build again, you will be our first call.
Tony & Betty Dean
I have been particularly delighted to find someone who could assist me from the design through to making my dreams a reality. Your ability to sort through my thoughts and ideas and turn them into a reality is a tremendous asset.
Shelley Fleckenstein